How To Play FUTCHI®

There are two main ways to play Futchi. In a duel and in a round. In official Futchi tournaments, players compete in duel FUTCHI® which puts players head to head in fast paced 1v1 battles. But the fun doesn't stop there. If you get 3 or more people together, you can take the Futchi experience to the next level with round FUTCHI®Now get outside and have some fun!

FUTCHI® User Guide - Global (excluding North America)

FUTCHI® User Guide - North America

FUTCHI® Product Setup Video 

When serving the ball both players should be behind the rear court line.
Serves are rotated after every point.
The ball may bounce once before the other player returns the ball against the net.
The ball can also be hit before it touches the ground.
The grey area marks where the ball is out of play. If the ball bounces on the line it is still in play. No hands or arms allowed.
Every time your opponent misses, the ball bounces twice or the ball rebounds outside, you get one point. First player to get 11 points wins the game!
Players line up youngest to oldest. The youngest player gets the first serve.
Players must remain in this order for the remainder of the match.
On the serve, the ball must hit the Futchi rebounder and bounce once within the court boundary before it is returned. Every player has 3 lives.
On all other plays, players can volley (hit the ball out of the air) or wait until the ball has bounced. Players take turns hitting the ball, in the order of the original line, and have only one touch to hit it back.
The ball remains in play until it lands outside the game court, bounces twice, misses the Futchi rebounder or if there is outside interference. When the ball goes out of play, the player at fault loses 1 life.

When 2 players remain, the final players play a best of 3 match, rotating serves after each play.

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